Life within the border heritage

“Life within the border heritage” is the next joint initiative of Green School Village Association and our friends and colleagues from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The initiative aims to explore in real time selected villages with diverse cultural, ethnic and religious heritage on the borderline of the East Rhodopi Mountains.  The core reason for this collaborative effort is to preserve and recreate what we have learned through establishing future “green schools” with the participation of local people. This is why we chose fieldwork as the most appropriate approach to establish new connections and relations with the local population, particularly with craftsmen keeping old-aged traditions alive.

The materials to be issued in the next stage of the project will be provided to the local authorities to support cultural tourism development.

The actual on-site works are planned to start in the autumn of 2008 and will continue for 8 months. The project is implemented with the financial support of Programme Youth in Action, the support of Ivailovgrad Municipality, and the consulting services of the Association for Anthropology, Ethnology and Folklore Studies Ongal.

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