Green School Village

Bike corridor Ivaylovgrad 2008

“Along the Paths of Ahrida – Return to the Harmony Between Man and Nature” is a project aiming to map out a green corridor in the region of Ivaylovgrad by creating walks, cycle and horse riding routes for tourists. The project is inspired by the combination of the wild nature and the living traditions of the Eastern Rhodopi in which Green School Village Association sees great potential for developing alternative eco friendly tourism.  The project’s main goal is to create a bedrock for preserving and popularizing the natural and cultural heritage of Ivaylovgrad, enhancing its economical potential by improving the conditions for unconventional tourism.

The rout is primarily based on easily accessible existing soil roads and paved roads with little traffic volume. It establishes connection between significant cultural landmarks, settlements with tourism potential and protected natural areas.

The starting point of the Green corridor is Ivaylovgrad. There are 5 fit to use on the route bicycles available for rent at the town’s informational centre. There is a Green Corridor Guide with information about the route, featuring cultural and natural sights as well as places to stay on and around the route.

See the video from the Green corridor opening. A gallery with pictures from friends is available here and there

The Green corridor route has become part of the TransRhodopi route RUDOPIA which can take you to seven authentic regions in the Rhodopi Mountains, one of them being the region of Ivalovgrad, by bike, foot or on horse.

The project was implemented in the summer and autumn of 2008 with the financial support of EcoCommunity and DOEN Foundations. Partners of Green School Village Association in the implementation of the project were Bikearea Association and Ivaylovgrad Municipality.