Green School Village

Make a School: creating a model of contemporary Bulgarian school

Main activity in the project is to develop a model of contemporary Bulgarian school in a civil discussion forum, which model is to be widely shared and presented as a starting point for the implementation of policies in the field of educational reform. Participants will be selected through a competition . The aim will be to achieve representativeness, as the forum to be joined by representatives of different roles in the educational process, in different social spheres and professions. Selected participants will undergo a specially designed program that includes interactive training and facilitated discussions on the major issues of school organization and the nature of the educational process. The program will be held in Sofia and Plovdiv, and will be designed to enhance the competencies of participants and also bring them to the formation of concepts of the main elements of the future model . In the course of the discussion forum practical lessons for elementary training course will be elaborated which will be applied in working with students. The developed model will be described with the help of experts who will make recommendations to decision-makers to guide the reform policies . The study will be presented at a conference attended by representatives of relevant NGOs , civil groups and decision makers . The model and the process of its creation will be widely shared with the public.