Green School Village

North meets the South

The overall Green School Village project will comprise a network of one big visitors’ center and several handicraft workshops located in authentic rural houses where various seminars and practical studies will be held. Additionally there will be fruit- and vegetable gardens and irrigation system for them, where we strive to apply the principles of permaculture design. The overall goal of this place is to host various green schools for all ages including children, where the visitors will learn and experience sustainable principles in practice, take care, be responsible, empower themselves and acquire new skills.

The youth exchange North meets South in Green School Village will gather up to 50 people from Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Greece. People will be divided in small groups that will regularly change within the days between the practical exercises in the mornings. In the afternoons there will be a time for theoretical exchange of knowledge – presentations, discussions, projections (if possible), games, and so on. The official working language to be used is English.