Green School Village

Alternative for Bulgaria

Development of integrated eco-centres and demonstration sites in Bulgaria and promoting alternative models of sustainable development as a solution to the ecological and financial crisis.

The network of centres for demonstration and education in Bulgaria “Alive places”  has been launched within the project framework. The centres provide information and training on the usage of alternative energy sources, methods for eco-friendly and energy efficient construction, eco-agriculture and unconventional methods of environmental protection.

Our second goal was to make natural building construction more accessible. Together with the Institute of Scientific Research and Design at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, we worked out a concept for legitimizing straw bales as a building material for curtain wall construction.

After conducting laboratory tests in the Institute of scientific research and design and in outsource laboratories, a technical statement on the usage of straw in construction was issued. As a result, the first building permit for constructing straw building in Bulgaria was issued in 2013.

The following consultants and partners have played key role to the issuance of the technical approval of straw bales:

- FASBA – Association of building with straw bales – Germany

- Еquilibre- Organization for sustainable development and construction with natural building materials – Estonia