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Приятели в градината

(Bulgarian) „Колкото повече полезни расте...

Restoration of Crafts House

The pilot project of Green School Village organization – Restoration...

Bike corridor Ivaylovgrad 2008

“Along the Paths of Ahrida – Return to the Harmony Between Man and...

Life within the border heritage

“Life within the border heritage” is the next joint initiative of...

For а shared space

The initiative is financed under the programme of EcoCommunity Foundat...

We work for a harmonious personal development and sustainable existence of the societies.



Green School Village is a non-profit association, established in Bulgaria in public benefit. It works for the harmonious development of the human personality and the sustainable life of the communities. The organization involves and interdisciplinary team of people with different education and professional background – architects, urbanists, lawyers, marketing experts, cultural studies experts etc. We are united by our common interests in permaculture, natural building and learning as a process continuing through the whole life.


Permaculture system is sustainable and regenerative design world. It is based on positivism – address negative issues by aiming their positive decisions. The design operates with a set of clearly established principles, ethics and strategies for transforming functional elements of each or prevent a crisis from reaching one. Permaculture design is a system that combines a variety of disciplines, through understanding and application of natural forms and patterns. Proven error in modern management is seeking answers in one frame without considering the relationship with many other factors as observation points to the interconnectedness of the elements of a perpetual self-emergent nature.

Building with natural materials

The association operates  through the expert group of the Association for construction with natural building materials advancing in theoretical, research and practical terms and seeking to involve an increasing number of specialists and professionals from the building sector, citizens and students. Our goal is to create healthy buildings with natural building materials designed to provide high quality and comfort of living, at the same time leaving very low environmental footprint.  The informal group unites people who share common interests in fields like architecture, energy efficiency, ecology, low carbon construction, building biology, sun architecture, building long-lasting relationships and communities.

Lifelong Learning

Since its establishment, the Association has been working in the field of informal education by organizing and initiating exchange programs, trainings and research projects with the participation of young people from different European countries. The association elaborates on the concept of opening an Informal Education Centre in the village of Kostilkovo, Eastern Rhodopi Mountains providing opportunities for learning in a natural environment, mastering and demonstration of environmentally friendly practices. To help achieve this ambition, the organization has taken part in the restoration of an authentic 19th century house and in developing an investment project for the reconstruction of the former school in Kostilkovo village. Being deeply convinced that Bulgarian education needs urgent reforms, our team concentrates its efforts towards creating a Bulgarian school model which allows harmonious personality development in children through combining healthy academic environment and contemporary methods of education.

We believe in education in a natural ambience through discovery and game..

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Life within the border

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Kostilkovo work camp


Natural materials

Construction with...



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We dream for a pure food, grown up with love.

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