For а shared space

The initiative is financed under the programme of EcoCommunity Foundation – Place to live 2009 implemented with the financial support of Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. The leading organization in the project is Green School Village Association in cooperation with the Department of Urban Planning at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy – Sofia, Ivaylovgrad Municipality and National Library „Probuda“.

The need for the project stems from problems affecting significantly the attractiveness and quality of living in the region of Ivaylovgrad, namely:

– difficult and expensive collection, transportation and treatment of waste;

– limited mobility of the local people

– local cultural identity issues arising from regional and global changes and transformations in the social and physical environment;

All of the above pertains to the need of innovative solutions and strong partnerships.

The main idea of the project “For a Shared Space and a Better Place to Live” is the innovative cooperation providing opportunities for sharing different points of view on three important issues to Ivaylovgrad Municipality:

– Organic and solid waste management;

– Improving the mobility of local people;

– Preserving and promoting local identity by its public expression – activities, events and landmark places of the town and the municipality

Main goal: to achieve working dialogue between experts and representatives of the municipality and to attract young people – the forthcoming local participants in the municipal future development, and the future experts in spacial planning – students in Urban planning.

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